Wine and Desserts – A Delish Pair

Wine and Desserts – A Delish Pair

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and everyone is now planning for their perfect dates. As you prepare for the romantic evening you will spend with your partner, there are some things you should know to pull off the perfect surprise.

No Valentine’s Day date or any other kind of date for that matter will be complete without a serving of crisp wine or delectable desserts on the side. Although there are a lot of pointers on how you should pair your wine with dessert, below is a short guide on how to create the best wine and dessert combinations for the love of your life.


Everyone loves chocolate. This favorite dessert of all, however, is found to be among the trickiest ingredients to pair with wine. Even though many people believe that it is simply not possible to pair wine with chocolate, choosing the ideal type of wine that will go well with your chocolate is one of the stellar pairing opportunities out there.

No matter what type of chocolate you use, whether dark or white, due to its buttery, mouth-coating, and melty texture, it is extremely important that you choose a wine that is strong enough to break through the dessert’s bittersweet taste.

The secret here is to ensure that you choose a wine that has a slightly sweeter taste than your chosen chocolate. While the buttery and mellow flavor of white chocolate can go well with the sweeter styles of Moscato d’Asti from Italy or Sherry, a Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel will do more justice to the darker counterpart.

Meringue, Fruit and Custard

The secret to balance a meringue tart or citrusy and tangy fruit-based dessert is none other than weight. The density and weight of the wine play a big role once paired with fruit-based desserts. Fresh fruit custard or flan can both go well with tangy sweet wine. For instance, a dessert such as Pavlova that is made with cream and fresh fruits can make a great pair with the orangey and sweet Chapoutier’s Muscat de Beaumes de Venise. Riesling Pinot Blanc is another type of delicious wine that can match well with the tanginess of a fruit pastry or meringue.

Nut and Caramel

Are you a big fan of buttery praline, pumpkin pie, or thick, creamy, and rich toffee pudding? These desserts, due to their sticky and melty texture must be paired with velvety, viscous, and spicy full-body types of dessert wines. Even though the raisin-y Pedro Ximenez Sherry or sweet Madeira are the ideal options that you can pair with these creamy desserts, the Château Armajan des Ormes or Sauternes from Bordeaux can also be excellent pairs with these decadently thick desserts.

These are just some of the basic tricks that you should keep in mind to achieve the perfect dessert and wine pairing. Although various types of deserts according to their texture and taste should be paired with different types of wines, it is crucial that the original aroma and flavor of the wine is released properly to tickle you and your partner’s taste buds.

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